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Classes That Change Lives: Karate in Mason, OH

JKO of Cincinnati has an excellent selection of programs that cater for everyone from complete beginners to advanced students. We teach discipline, give high level training and produce champions.

Whether you're looking for a fun new way to stay fit and healthy, a way to focus your energy into discipline and strength, or a way to keep your children active, JKO of Cincinnati has a program for you. Our karate classes can provide you with focus, renewed levels of energy, and the confidence that comes with the ability to defend yourself. We teach karate not only as a sport, but also as a discipline as it was originally intended. Come in for an introductory class at our Mason, OH dojo or call us for more information.

Beginners Classes

JKO Of Cincinnati Beginners karate class are extremely popular. We provide a safe and fun environment for your child to enjoy, burn off excess energy, and to learn focus and to develop a sense of discipline. Parents are free to sit in on classes, and we have no obligation introductory lessons so you and your child can get a feel for what we're doing. We believe you'll be convinced. Visit a class at our karate dojo in Mason and see for yourself. You'll be impressed with what you see.
Classes That Change Lives: Karate in Mason, OH

Weapons Training

JKO of Cincinnati in West Chester offers martial arts and self-defense class instruction. 

Whether you're training for self-defense or self-improvement, drop in to our Mason karate school to find out how we can help you, or one of your loved ones, be all that you (or they) can be!
Weapons Training

Qualified Instructors

Japan Karate-Do Of Cinti Inc's qualified instructors know what's required, both mentally and physically, to progress. Our karate school martial arts and self-defense class courses are designed to ensure that your goals are reached quickly, while you're having fun and learning disciplines that have deep and rich histories. With world-class trainers instructing our classes, you won't be sorry you came. Contact Japan Karate-Do Of Cinti Inc in Mason, OH today for the best path to personal enrichment you can take!
Japan Karate-Do Of Cinti Inc's qualified instructors


5pm: Juniors ages 5-12
6pm: Kobudo (weapons)
7pm: Adults ages 13+

6pm: Juniors ages 5-12
7pm: Adults ages 13+

5pm: Juniors ages 5-12
6pm: Competition Class
7pm: Adults ages 13+

6pm: Juniors ages 5-12
7pm: Adults ages 13+
Friday (closed)

10am: All Ages

* Closed on Sunday and Friday

What will we learn?

JUNIORS PROGRAMS (5-12 years old) 
ADULT PROGRAM (13 years old and older)
  • Regular karate program 
  • Learn Kata (forms) & Kumite (sparring) 
  • Excellent exercise - burns many calories 
  • Helps fight childhood obesity 
  • Physical exercise 
  • Learn to defend one's self 
  • Confidence and self-esteem 
  • Respect 
  • Discipline 
  • Increase ability to focus and concentrate 
  • Strong conditioning 
  • Help fight peer pressure 
  • Develop new friendships
  • Practice using Okinawa farming tools that were used by the Okinawan people to defend themselves from Japanese Samurai. 
  • Training with Bo (staff), Sai (three-pronged dagger), Tonfa (billy club), and Katana (sword)
  • Learn advanced Katas and Kumite techniques specifically for competing in tournaments 
  • Prepare for State, Regional, and National level championships 
  • Travel with the team all over the country 
  • Meet people and karate students from all over the world 
  • Challange yourself to train hard and best your competition
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