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Japan Karate-Do Organization

JKO Cincinnati in West Chester is the midwest arm of JKO Hokushin Shito Ryu International, a world class organization dedicated to delivering outstanding results through teaching authentic Japanese martial arts.

JKO is run by Hanshi Minobu Miki, an 8th degree black belt. Born in Japan, Hanshi Miki is from a family of Samurai heritage and has been teaching in the US for over 40 years.

JKO Cincinnati in West Chester
The instruction you'll receive at our dojo(marital arts school) is top notch. You will be guided towards your goals through clear communication, individual attention, and knowledgable instruction. We teach our students to take the discipline, and the philosophies that accompany them, very seriously - and to apply them in everyday life.

Head Sensei Alex Dell
Sensei Alex has been training in karate for over 18 years. He is a 12-time AAU National Champion in karate and kobudo, a 4-time Junior Olympic gold medalist, and a 3-time member of the USA Karate Junior team. In international competitions, Sensei Alex has placed as high as 4th in the world. He has also trained in Japan in preparation for performances of karate and Iaido (Samarai sword/katana) in front of the Emperor of Japan at the opening ceremonies of the 2005 World's Expo in Japan.

Great Programs

JKO of Cincinnati understands that when undertaking a new activity, it's important to feel that you're learning and progressing quickly. Whether you're interested in our karate classes for fitness purposes, or to advance and compete, you'll find you learn something new every week. From your very first class you'll go home with new knowledge and skills. Our West Chester dojo offers something for everyone!
learning and progressing quickly. JKO of Cincinnati

Perfect for Kids

Finding the perfect activity for children is highly important. Martial arts do not make kids more aggressive. On the contrary, the skills we teach in our karate classes involve focusing excess energy in a meaningful and productive way, and can help children with concentration issues and restlessness. The discipline we teach at our dojo will last a lifetime. Speak to our team in West Chester to find out more.

Goal Oriented

Our main goal is to make our members mentally and physically strong and enhance their peer pressure-resistance skills. Each of our JKO members are taught to apply our Dojo Kun (pledge) in their daily life, which benefits both the individual and society.
  • Japan Karate-Do Organization

  • Japan Karate-Do Organization

  • Japan Karate-Do Organization

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