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Learn Karate From The Experts in West Chester, OH

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, Japan Karate-Do Organization(JKO) of Cincinnati is the perfect place to undertake or continue your training. We are a premier Karate-Do Organization, that teaches authentic, traditional Karate-Do with a direct lineage to Kenwa Mabuni, the founder of Shito-Ryu. 

Karate is a great way to:
     • Keep fit
     • Maintain focus
     • Strengthen self esteem
At JKO, we focus on the discipline of karate - respect and responsibility - in addition to superior martial arts training.

At JKO, you will learn a range of skills, with classes available for kids and adults at all skill levels. We will help you prepare for competition and belt progression as well as conducting casual classes designed for fun, fitness and general interest.
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JKO of Cincinnati offers a range of classes taught by high-ranking, world-class instructors. Our classes are designed to increase your fitness, skill level, and confidence in yourself. They're also lots of fun! We offer: 
  • Adult and children's Shito-Ryu style karate classes for beginners and experienced practitioners (karateka) 
  • Kobudo (weapons) 
  • Competition Class
Give us a call (513-860-4386) or drop in to see us in West Chester to find out more. Enjoy the health and skill that comes with learning a martial art.

JKO News

November 1, 2014: Congratulations to all JKO Cincinnati competitors! Four of our students competed in eight events and brought home five golds, one silver, two bronze, and four trophies! They also got to meet Hanshi Miki and take some pictures with those medals. So proud of all of you! Keep up the great work and there will be plenty more to come!

Pictures of the tournament are up in the gallery!

- Sensei Alex
September 2014: Competition Class has begun! Any and all students interested in competing in tournaments are welcome to join the JKO Cincinnati Competition Team. We practice specifically for tournaments every Wednesday at 6:00. See you there!

- Sensei Alex

Class Schedule

5pm: Juniors ages 5-12
6pm: Kobudo (weapons)
7pm: Adults ages 13+

6pm: Juniors ages 5-12
7pm: Adults ages 13+

5pm: Juniors ages 5- 12
6pm: Competition Class
7pm: Adults ages 13+

6pm: Juniors ages 5-12
7pm: Adults ages 13+

10am: All Ages
* Closed on Sunday and Friday


   • AAU USA
   • WKF
Karate From The Experts in West Chester
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